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My Story

Hila Busani Fine Jewelry was founded out of a true love and passion for

jewelry - as well as a desire for self-fulfillment.

My story begins at a very young age, when I discovered the pure joy that

jewelry can give people and was intrigued by the unique designs that made

this possible.


Yet life took me on another path and I began a professional career as a

mechanical engineer.

Not long ago, after several years of working in the engineering industry,

I made a bold change to realize a lifelong dream - and enrolled in a jewelry

design course at Shenkar College.

I graduated with honors and set out on my own, immediately beginning

to style my personal design line.

And this was the moment that what started as curiosity quickly became

a lifetime passion.

I have always loved vintage designs, decorations and combinations of gold,

diamonds and gemstones in unique colors.
"Modern Design, Timeless Inspiration"- That is the unique voice in all of

my designs, where you will notice a wonderful harmony between the

old and the new. This synergy is heightened by a focus on the little details that create unique and cutting-edge designs.

Our jewelry is made from the highest quality of materials, and as our client you can choose from either 14k or 18k gold, stunning diamonds and natural gemstones. The jewelry is quality-controlled every step of the way to make sure you get the best quality in a design that is especially made just for you. I take great pride in excellent customer care every step of the way.

My greatest joy is knowing the jewelry you wear will always remind you of beautiful moments in your life that are meant to be remembered.

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