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As a designer, HILA BUSANI always puts design and prestige first.

The jewelry design process is complex and precise due to the desire to express the creativity, novelty and uniqueness of each piece of jewelry.

"Modern Design, Timeless Inspiration"- That is the unique voice in all of HILA BUSANI's designs, where you will notice a wonderful harmony between the old and the new.

This synergy is heightened by a distinctive focus on the little details that create unique and cutting-edge designs.

Every piece of jewelry is made and designed with the thought of being everlasting eternal, as well as symbolic of important moments in your life.

Personal design jewelry pieces are the flagship products of HILA BUSANI: during the design process she turns your thoughts, feelings and emotions into a unique piece of jewelry that is specially tailored for you.

In Hila's jewelry you can add a personal engraving that makes your jewelry more unique, personal and timeless.

Every piece of our jewelry is made of 14K or 18K gold, set with high-quality diamonds and precious natural gemstones that were tested and selected with care.

Hila designs the jewelry using the most advanced 3D software on the market and the entire production process is done with the latest and most advanced technological means, in order to ensure high accuracy in every detail of the jewelry.

The jewelry will be sent in an exclusive jewelry gift box with a Certificate (Gemological certificate for central diamonds over 0.3 carat).

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